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The 65-year-old giant church in Castle Hills, Texas. The history of that is the last few years of renaming. Reflecting the new mission, vision, and style, the Minister of the Server says the new name reflects San Antonio's mission city, linking the church and San Antonio's history, and explains why they exist. Our church is the outpost of the Gospel, and we are sent out with a job to share good news while serving our community as Jesus does," Mission City Church is a non-sectarian Christian church that works with the Treaty of Southern Baptest in global activities such as missions.

Established in 2019


Mission City Church - Central Campus: We want to help people learn the hope and love of Christ through the Gospel, and everything we do focuses on this goal. We want to help people grow up in faith through community, discipline and learning. We want to help people love other people and share the hope of gospel with our town, our country. all over the world