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Hoelscher Gebia Cepeda PLLC is focusing on the idea that all suits should be prepared as if they were judged by the jury. The quality standards are useful for customers, even if the case is settled or fought to the end. The HGC supports customers who are facing difficult problems in several areas of civil, family, CPS and criminal law. HGC PLLC, established by three lawyers, ensures that the best lawyers in each customer will take over the suit while being supported by the best lawyers in the related areas. In 2017, the Hall Shell Law Office and the William Reese Law Office were integrated, and in 2018, they added the partners of the Shumway Van company. Our team is designed to move from power to power as the best lawyer to take a step toward the best job. In the HGC, all litigation is prepared by the subject matter expert, and, if necessary, professional filed with judges or jurymen by the highest court attorney at San Antonio, Texas. Our lawyer's power is your power.

Established in 2007


Hoelscher Gebia Cepeda PLLC is a family law, child welfare/CPS and crime defense & The law firm focused on. DWI case. Our family and lawyers are well recognized in their field as divorce, experienced child custody lawyers, child protection services/CPS cases, drunken driving and crime defense (Texas and the Federal). Each partner is recognized by his colleagues as one of the best lawyers in San Antonio. We are honored to be able to handle difficult and complex cases for customers requiring high quality legal representation.

Joe Holshire defended high end trials for criminal and child custody cases, and vowed to defend Texan, who was alarmed and condemned. Her father was falsely charged with the murder of her mother, and Joe contacted the court for the first time when he was a child. He knows that all the suspects are worthy of a lawyer who thinks that they need their parents.

Joe Hoelscher is a nationally recognized lawyer and has a history of winning both civil and criminal trials. He won awards from various sources including local, state, and people. Joe, who dealt with the high-profile cases of the media, such as The New York Post, The Washington Times, Houston Cronicle, and #39;'s Most Wanded, soon rose up as one of the most important criminal trial lawyers in Texas.

Joe' The private sector includes DWIs, poisoning crimes and child welfare cases from criminal and civil courts.

Joe H.





I have been represented by Joe for the last three years. He protected me with conviction, honesty, and determination at every step in the way. In the end, he helped me survive. I owe my future to him. He went to work believing what I said. He predicted, prepared, fought hard, and won. He taught me every road. I can't find any better lawyer.

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