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The Herrera Law Office is based on the founding Frank Herrera, Jr's leadership and education. Frank's parents believed that one person could change the world for the better. This belief led a team of Herrera law firms to successfully represent thousands of people and families who were devastated.

Established in 1983


Established in 1983, the Herrera Law Office is working hard to ensure that victims of injuries receive compensation appropriate for themselves. The company has a reputation for helping Texan get through difficult times. If you need the results, consult with experienced San Antonio Homicide Lawyer from Elera Law Farm. Our lawyer will help you with your injury case. If you have a car accident, truck accident, work accident, or other personal injury, contact your full-time lawyer. We're here for you.

In 1967, Herrera served as a lawyer for the National Labor Relations Commission. Two years later, he joined Arthur Gottschmann's law firm as a labor law lawyer. In 1969, with the help of his parents, Herrera opened his own law office, and he rented his home to buy the furniture and equipment in Frank's office. Finally, he's Halberger and amp; amp; Herera, who formed the Texas Fourth Court of Appeal, is working with former Chief Justice and Mayor of San Antonio, Philip Hardberger. In 1983, Frank Herrera became the only owner of Elera Law Farm (then Frank Herrera's law firm) in his lifetime commitment to hard work and justice.

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After my daughter was hit and injured in a car accident, I contacted Herrera's law firm  My experience with the staff to handle her interests well exceeded my expectations. They traveled up and down, and obtained a great settlement for her, and securely accepted all medical care and bills. If you are looking for a top-notch lawyer, I strongly recommend that you be represented by the Herrera law firm.

12/27/2020 05:39am