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I started this legal practice and provided legal services that could be used in small businesses, emerging companies, and in the market for the lack of personal services. I knew that I could communicate the quality and professional consciousness of a major law firm through the attention and attention of a boutique company. It was a good start, but I knew that to reach that low-cost market, it had to be affordable. To provide at an affordable price, I use modern technology that is efficient in every aspect of practice, reducing the large overhead and unnecessary costs of a typical company. Although this virtual office is not a new concept, many companies still operate it in the old way. It's good for them, but you're more expensive. Erik Hinohosa's law firm is sure not to pay for three suits or hand-carved oak desks. At the same time, you know the actual person in Texas who was allowed to do this. Web-based robot consultants do not provide canned advice.

Established in 2015


Don't hesitate to call the law office of Eric Hinohosa PLLC in San Antonio, Texas. I hope you will be satisfied. Call me right now.

Eric is a lawyer licensed to practice in Texas.   He is also a licensed patent attorney registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.   Prior to starting their own business, they developed legal experience working at law offices for small and medium businesses that mainly focused on business and intellectual property.  Eric will experience legal and trademark prosecution (drafting, searching, filing).   You have the same experience in creating, reviewing, and modifying contracts.   He's a proud father and a hard worker's husband who cherishes his family.
Eric was born and raised from San Antonio.   We've seen a variety of changes.   Recently, we have seen the impact of lack of access to legal services on the local economy.   Many individuals and SMEs are at risk of not having to receive legal advice. This is not just a reasonable price.   But using affordable access to the legal system to change this dynamic movement is his real desire.

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Men work diligently and at an affordable price. The professional and he made things very easily. He explains the patent easily and calls him if anything is working on it.

12/30/2020 06:00pm